Hetti Bywater Eastenders' Lucy Beale Pictures

The number one Eastenders babe at the moment is Welsh stunner Hetti Bywater, who plays the wild child character Lucy Beale.

Here are just a couple of Hetti Bywater pics to get you started and we'll be adding more in the not too distant future.

Lucy Beale Picture

Hetti Bywater Sexy Pics

Of course if you can't wait to see more sexy Hetti Bywater pictures, then why not get your very own signed picture of Hetti for yourself for your bedroom, office desk or wherever.

Hetti has certainly added some sex appeal to Eastenders and all of her male fans think she is gorgeous both in body and with her sparkly lovely eyes. In fact, we all agree that her current boyfriend - who's name remains anonymous - is one very lucky chap!